Local contacts and suppliers

Directory of local trades

If you wish to be listed, please email editor@eastgrimstead.com

Farley Beef: Robin Pitkin www.traditional-meat.co.uk

The Brooke, Evelyn Thistlethwaite Charity helps extreme cases of need, hardship or distress within our Parish: 01722 712744

Builder: james@craftmore.co.uk 07901 000986

Chimney sweep: Simon Morton 01980 626961

Rosary Goats Cheese: www.rosarygoatscheese.co.uk - delivers from Landford HQ

Defibrillator: positioned at Reading Room entrance

Domestic appliance repair: CB Domestics 01722 449369

Email list: eastgrimstead@hotmail.co.uk

Gardening Services Ltd: www.tealsgardening.com 01794 340278

GP: Whiteparish Surgery 01794 884269

Mobile Hairdressing: Nicki 07900 880941

Holiday cottage: www.salisburycottage.com 01722 712259

Ironing Andrea Sparks 07388486214

Link scheme provides a return journey transport service.  To access the scheme or volunteer: 01794 884390

Pest control: Mark Luckhurst 07546 007952

Pub: The Hook & Glove, Farley www.thehookandglove.co.uk

Reading Room: readingroom@eastgrimstead.com

Lover Repair Cafe: Wednesday and Friday mornings - loverrepaircafe@gmail.com

Taxi: keith_bath@hotmail.co.uk, West Grimstead 01722 710111 Seats x8.

Tree surgeon: Greg Gent 01794 340610

Vegetable box delivery: hellovegshed@gmail.com, Lockerley

Vets: The Vets 01722 337117